We would like to challenge you to think about the impact our program could make in your students’ lives. Gift giving is about showing love, care and appreciation for others. However, the current school holiday stores have made it such a commercialized event that it’s easy to forget why we give. For many students, the school holiday store is the only chance the students will have to “secretly” shop for mom or dad. Why not give them the opportunity to attach

5 Successful Strategies for Bringing New Ideas to Your PTO

Bringing new ideas to your school’s PTO board can feel like a risky and daunting task.  Sometimes it’s feels easier, more comfortable, to continue with the status-quo.  The phrase “it worked well last year” can sometimes feel like an insurmountable roadblock.  But it doesn’t have to be…   Here are 5 strategies that can help you to successfully implement fresh new ideas with your PTO:   Be proactive – Think through your plan ahead of time.  Come to the meeting prepared to

How to Successfully Join Your School’s PTO

Attending a PTO, PTA, or any Parent Club meeting for the first time can feel a bit overwhelming.  It sometimes feels like you’re crashing a party of friends that have been together for years that are reliving funny details of an event they all remember fondly.  It can also feel like all eyes are on YOU.  You just might be the one that they’ve been waiting for… the one who will join their crew and help to shoulder the many hours


Putting on any special event requires a lot of time and effort from a planning perspective…throw a “kids” event into the equation and you have a whole new set of parameters to be consider. Here are a few tips to help get you started: Keep it short.  Children have a very short attention span, so limiting the activities at your event is a must. Keep the scheduled activities to a maximum of 3 -4 different stations or events. Keep it simple.

A New Year = A Chance To Do Something New At Your School!

Happy New Year! Each new year brings with it new and exciting opportunities! With your current holiday shop still fresh in your mind from December– now is the perfect time to learn about our Elf Factory– a new twist on school holiday shops– where EVERY CHILD has the opportunity to MAKE meaningful gifts for their family! We invite you to browse through the different pages of our site to see how our program differs from any other out there! Our goal